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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Delete BBM - Blackberry Messenger Account

Steps to Delete a Blackberry Messenger Account

BBM - Free Calls & Messages

Make free voice and video calls with the new BBM.

BBM Features:

The BlackBerry application is not only used on BlackBerry devices, but also on Android devices. You can enjoy the benefits of BBM Messenger by inviting friends and family.

+ Teke Single, Group chat and even Secret chat.
+ Free HD quality voice and video call.
+ BBMoji.

+ Share HD pictures and videos, voice memos and all types of Document exchange.
+ Customize the chat background with your favorite image or color.
+ See when your messages are forwarded (D) and read (R).
- Find your social circles in BBM via your phone number.
+ Desktop chat facility:
+ BBM News, the latest news.
+ Thousands of stickers, both fixed and animated.
+ Hundreds of free games.
+ Call and share Uber without leaving BBM application
+ View matches and scores of your favorite football league.
+ Subscribe to BBM Channels that interest you.
+ Watch live video with DiscoverTV.
+ much more features. You can explore a detailed review by downloading and trying out the application.

The BBM team has done a good job and created a new messaging world :)

For more information about BBM:

After clicking the delete link below:

Delete Blackberry messenger account

If you want to stop using BBM messenger, please delete the following delete link and instructions to delete your account.

  BBM Settings /

The Manage page opens.

Read the information on this page. Follow the deletion according to the instructions.

If you are ready delete the following
Click on the link ...
The link will take you to the deletion section of your account and you will be prompted to log in. After login, the deletion area will open. Start the process after reading the instructions.

Important note:
Please read the instructions carefully before deleting your account.
Your account may not be undone after deleting.

 Delete BBM Account

Delete BBM Account

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