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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Delete BeeTalk Account

Step to Delete BeeTalk  Account

Look around and scan your radar for new friends near you.
It gives you an enhanced chat experience with whisper messages. Application with doodle and cute stickers.

Beetalk features:
Look Around: Discover People. 50m? 100m? 1km?
Whisper: The messages disappear after the magic is read.
Radar: Find new friends by scanning the area.
Free Call and Messages: Unlimited talk time, text and voice messages
Scribble: Sketch! Draw to your friends!
Tags: chat with cute stickers.
Group Chat:
Club: Join the Clubs.
Forum: Join Forums.
Some features may vary from country to country or country.

If you want to delete the Beetalk application, review the following account deletion link and instructions.

There are two ways to delete your account:

Delete Your Account by Sending Mail to them Open your registered email account
(the mail of when you sign up) and compose a new mail.

Enter the following email address

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  1. Hi, please let me know if you have a link that doesn't work. Or you can add a working link.
    It can be useful for other visitors until we fix the links. Thank you :)



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