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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Delete Foursquare account

Foursquare  account aeletion steps

Swarm - Foursquare
It is an application that helps you keep track of the places you go.

It helps you to know where you are in any city in the world without asking the name of the venue.

 With Swarm, you check in to remember every place you go.
You'il blow your friends. You'il make them jealous. You can show them how ambitious you are to go there before they go. :) Joke helps you to be the king of the spaces. You will be the guardian of the idea that many are not reading much.

A list of the places you visit where you go is held and helps you to remember. It is possible to add a note or a photo to the location of your check-in. So you remember easier. You can watch this on the map.

This application that gives you fun tags as you discover restaurants, bars, museums.

Because he recorded the information of everything, the number of times he went to a room's toilet was kept. For example, you can see a place called Blue Bar and check-in at the toilet 89 times and 206 times :)

It's easy to make it easier for you to meet up with friends, or you can see your surprised friends near by the time you check in. This can be fun.

• Meet your friends. Share the location by check-in and see your friends near. Coincidental check-ins can help you find friends when you're out and about.

• An application that allows you to follow the adventures of your friends even if you don't have friends nearby.

Swarm says:
"Save the adventures that you live in, so that the questions in your history will be reduced and the good things to remember will increase."
It really is important. The memories that make life and look back and make you happy are very valuable. You can look at this in the past and understand. Unless you're a baby: D

Maybe this sentence will be classic. If you're tired of Swarm, you can review the deletion link below and instructions.

Know the time and value of time. Because you're precious.

To delete your account, please follow these steps:
  1. On a computer,visit
  2. Click on the “Privacy Settings” tab in the right sidebar.
  3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "delete your account.”
  4. You'll be taken to a page to confirm the deletion of your account.
Note: There is no way to un-delete an account. This will delete both your Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm accounts. That means that all of your tips, tastes, and check-ins will be lost.Also, just deleting the app will not delete your account.

Remember, you can delete your Foursquare account Your Swarm account will also be deleted.

Once your account has been deleted, all your data will be deleted once again. Be absolutely aware of this.

You can delete it while preparing.

The link will take you to the deletion of this account and you will be asked to login. After login, the wiping area is opened. After reading the instructions are done.

Important note:

Please read the cleaning carefully before deleting your account.

Your account may not be undone after deleting.

Delete Foursquare account

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