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Friday, January 25, 2019

Delete OK.RU account

Delete steps for OK.RU account 

OK Social Network OK is the entertainment social network. You can contact people close to him. An alternative Russian-made app to the Facebook application. They have remarkable features. You must use it. OK helps to share news, photos and videos with millions of people through a social network. OK features: - Smart search and search by name - Make new friends and stay in touch with old friends - Hide visibility on the network with invisible mode - Free stickers and custom phrases - Group chats

- Send stickers with stickers and emoticons - Sign up in just a few minutes - Subscribe to your favorite topics from cars to makeup - Tags: Follow the agenda through tags. - He has live broadcasts. When you're tired of using the app, you can follow an account delete link and instructions at the bottom of this page.

To delete your profile from the full version of our website:
  1. open your page;
  2. click "License Agreement" (at the very bottom of the page, in the right column);
  3. click "Delete profile" (below the regulations);
  4. indicate why you want to delete your profile;
  5. enter your password;
  6. click "Permanently delete".
After profile removal, the e-mail and phone number linked to it cannot be used in another profile on the OK website for 3 months.

*   *   *

You can delete it while preparing.

The link will take you to the deletion of this account and you will be asked to login. After login, the wiping area is opened. After reading the instructions are done.

Important note:

Please read the cleaning carefully before deleting your account.
Your account may not be undone after deleting.

Delete account

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