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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Delete SnapChat account

SnapChat account delete steps

Snapchat was released as the most fun way to share the moment.
Take a Snap, add captions or fun effects, then send it to your best friends and have more fun.

SNAP: • Snapchat opens directly to the camera so you can share the moment.
• New selfie Lenses and Filters are added every day. Change your look, dance with 3D Bitmoji and even play games with your face.

CHAT: • Connect with friends and groups with Live messaging and Group Stories
• Video chat with 16 friends at the same time. You can even use filters and Lenses!

EXPLORE: • Track your friends and follow their stories.
• You can only watch the breaking news, original Shows and community Stories made for your phone.

SNAP MAP: • Know where they are if they shared their location with you. • Chance to watch live Stories from the nearby community or from around the world.

And More:
• Free cloud storage
• Create Stories from your favorite memories.
• Discover new things you have in common with Charms. For example, it gives you a chance to see how long you have been friends and even astrological compatibility and more.

You should also know:
Company officials say:
"Snapchatters can always capture or record your messages by taking a screenshot, using the camera, or otherwise. Watch what you're shooting!"

Use the direct link below.

Enter your username and password to confirm.

And delete your account now

*   *   *

You can delete it while preparing.

The link will take you to the deletion of this account and you will be asked to login. After login, the wiping area is opened. After reading the instructions are done.

Important note:

Please read the cleaning carefully before deleting your account.
Your account may not be undone after deleting.

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