Delete Self: 01/23/19


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Delete Flickr Account

Flickr Account Deletion Steps

There is a very simple process you need to do to delete a Flickr account,
click on the link below and confirm all the information that has
been disputed will be deleted so that you can not return any information from your Flickr site.

Delete BeeTalk Account

Step to Delete BeeTalk  Account

Look around and scan your radar for new friends near you.
It gives you an enhanced chat experience with whisper messages. Application with doodle and cute stickers.

Beetalk features:
Look Around: Discover People. 50m? 100m? 1km?
Whisper: The messages disappear after the magic is read.
Radar: Find new friends by scanning the area.
Free Call and Messages: Unlimited talk time, text and voice messages
Scribble: Sketch! Draw to your friends!
Tags: chat with cute stickers.
Group Chat:
Club: Join the Clubs.
Forum: Join Forums.
Some features may vary from country to country or country.

Delete Clash of Clans Account

Clash of Clans Account Deletion Steps

If you are looking for a fantastic game try it.
Barbarians with a mustache are magicians who throw fireballs.

Clash of Clans Features:

● Join other players' clans or set up your own clan and invite your friends.
● Build your team in Clan Wars and fight against other players around the world.
● Protect your village with various cannons, bombs, traps, mortars and walls.
● Take a long journey against the Goblin King in story mode.
● Identify unique battle strategies with countless spells, unity and heroes!
● Friendship Challenges, Friendship Wars and special events.
● Train your troops to new levels.

Delete Blogger Account

Blogger Account Deletion Steps


A completely free website and blog creation platform offered by Google. It is very easy to create a web site and blog with a convenient and simple interface. You can open it in 5 minutes. You only need to have a Gmail account. It has advanced features. HTML-JavaScript code can be added for those who want to develop even more. As far as it is known, a Google user can open and manage over 100 blog-sites on his or her account.

Delete BBM - Blackberry Messenger Account

Steps to Delete a Blackberry Messenger Account

BBM - Free Calls & Messages

Make free voice and video calls with the new BBM.

BBM Features:

The BlackBerry application is not only used on BlackBerry devices, but also on Android devices. You can enjoy the benefits of BBM Messenger by inviting friends and family.

+ Teke Single, Group chat and even Secret chat.
+ Free HD quality voice and video call.
+ BBMoji.


Create Super Password

Create a super password!  Create Super Password - FOR : Bank + Phones - Social Accounts and more.