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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Delete Meeff account

Steps to delete account for Meeff

MEEFF - Korean friends chat application

There are many Koreans who are eager to establish foreign friendships like you in the MEEFF app! Korean can be a nice step to learn and explore their culture. Are you curious about the Korean people? Then install this app and get to know it.

MEEFF is easy to discover with your Korean friends nearby.

Meeff Features:

Delete Mail.RU account

Steps to delete account for Mail.RU

Convenient mail for smartphone Android.

Free Mail - Mail Ru

 Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex,, Mynet, AOL (with IMAP, POP3 e-mail account) can work with mailboxes concurrently.

The application is simple and fast.
Easily share messages, photos and documents by sending and receiving.
Get notified about new messages instantly.
 Personal spam filter.

Delete Line account

Steps to delete account for Line

LINE: Free Call and Message

LINE makes messaging and free voice and video calls. LINE serves worldwide.

LINE features:

★ Thanks to group video calls,
Chat with 200 friends in your group at the same time!
★ Use Surveys ..

Delete Last FM Account

Steps to delete account for LastFM

If you are passionate about the music world, was created for you.
Music and music events with you at your side. Use the music.

It is very easy to listen through your Android device.

Soundcloud support.

Delete IRCTC Account

Steps to delete account for Delete IRCTC Account

IRCTC Rail Connect

Welcome to the IRCTC Rail Connect App for Android.

Install the "IRCTC RAIL CONNECT" android app and get tickets to go somewhere by train in India.

Delete Imo Account

Steps to delete account for Imo

imo video calls

imo is another application to communicate with your loved ones.
Call your family and friends for free and send a message!

• Increase in SMS and phone charges - unlimited, free messages and calls with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.
• Make high-quality video and voice calls.
• Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others.
• Sharing photos and videos.
• Express yourself with free labels.
• Optimized for Android tablets.

Delete Hotmail account

Delete steps for HotMail account 

Microsoft has now passed Outlook instead of the Windows Live account. All this mess is terminated and replaced by the Outlook system.

Delete Hitwe Account

Delete steps for Hitwe Account 

La Hitwe ”- meet people

Hitwe is a totally FREE application that lets you meet new people.

  Hitwe is another application that allows you to find new people from all over the world.

  Hitwe features:
- No premium subscription.
- Registration is free.
- You can explore people from all over the world.
- Meet millions of singles.
- Free to explore their matches.
- Free to chat with people you like.
- Is it free to learn people who are interested in you?
- Sending stickers to express your feelings is already free.
- unwanted messages, no deception; just a great user experience!

Delete Hike Account

Delete steps for Hike Account 

Go to Menu >
 Settings >
 Manage Account >

Delete Google Plus Account

Delete steps for Google Plus Account


Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on April 2, 2019 

Learn More

Delete Google Allo Account

Delete steps for Google Allo Account 

Unregister your phone number

Remember that once you unregister your phone number, you'll need to register it again to use Allo.
  1. Open Allo.
  2. Tap Menu Menuand thenSettings Settings.
  3. Tap Unregister phone number and then Unregister.

Delete Google Account

Delete steps for Google Account

Google is the world's leading invention. Use tens of services with Google to handle thousands of jobs. It is one of the top 10 apps from the website that works very well like Facebook. Gmail deserves every day thanks to Search, YouTube, Documents and dozens of services and these services are free.

I know it's a difficult decision, but if you don't want to use Google one day, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to delete the account.

Are you sure about that? :D

Keep on ...

Delete GoAnimate Account

Delete steps for GoAnimate Account

First, if you just want to cancel or suspend your subscription, click here.  When cancelling your subscription, we keep all of your videos for you, in case you want to come back and edit them later.  Learn more.

Delete GMail Account

Delete steps for GMail Account

Gmail offers you time-saving features. It is among the best email services and is constantly updated. Star of Google.

Ensures the security of your messages.
It is an easy to use e-mail application.
 With push notifications you have the opportunity to receive your messages instantly.
works like SMS if you have an internet connection almost!

Gmail features:

Delete FreeCharge Account

You can not permanently delete your Freecharge account. 

FreeCharge - Recharges, Bill Payments, UPI
Get cashless transactions with FreeCharge. With FreeCharge it is possible to make many payments.

Properties :
1. UPI Payments:
2. Mobile recharges:
3. Invoice Payments:
4. Metro Card Credits:
5. Ease of Google Play:
6. Donation:
7. Mutual Funds:
8. Cashless payments:
9. QR Code Feature:
10. Opportunities: Discount coupons with FreeCharge Deals:
11. Cashbacks and Discounts:
12. Transaction history and Help Center:

Delete Foursquare account

Foursquare  account aeletion steps

Swarm - Foursquare
It is an application that helps you keep track of the places you go.

It helps you to know where you are in any city in the world without asking the name of the venue.


Create Super Password

Create a super password!  Create Super Password - FOR : Bank + Phones - Social Accounts and more.