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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Delete YouTube account

YouTube account delete steps

Youtube is a great site. We can never deny that. If it wasn't on Youtube, maybe some things might not be so good. More beautiful things can be considered for Youtube. For example, a documentary can be viewed. You can learn any language. It is possible to advance your profession. The best free video platform to tell people what you know.

Delete Yahoo account

Yahoo account delete steps*

If you are over 30, you have a yahoo mail account. I have done a lot of work with my first yahoo mail account. Especially the Yahoo Messenger was great. Yahoo is a social platform that has guided the world with many innovations that are not only satisfied with the mail service.

Delete Windows Live - Outlook - Live - Microsoft - Hotmail accounts

Delete steps for Windows Live account 

Microsoft has now passed Outlook instead of the Windows Live account. All this mess is terminated and replaced by the Outlook system. So in this article we will talk about the outlook account, but you can think of all accounts related to Microsoft.

Delete Whatsapp account

WhatsApp  account delete steps

Anyone who reaches a certain age is using the WhatsApp application. Obviously this messaging application is built on a well organized structure with a simple interface and is very useful. I'm sure most of us all are a family and a friend and even a business group are a must. WhatsApp is the best for business. Making video calls is easy. Of course, there are some negative aspects.

Delete WeChat account

WeChat  account delete steps

WeChat is an interesting app and a lot of other social messaging applications with features. A great alternative to other video chat applications. If you haven't used it yet, you can try and share your feedback with us. The application you are looking for is perhaps the WeChat application.

Some features briefly:
Voice calls
Video calls
Fun Stickers

Delete WattPad account

WattPad account delete steps

Wattpad. The space of stories.
Social storytelling has become a platform, and this story platform, Wattpad, consists of more than 70 million readers and writers with the power of stories.

Delete Waplog account

Waplog account delete steps

Waplog - Chat, Chat and Dating Site

Do you want to meet, meet, match people around you and chat? Then this application will help you do this job like the like.

Delete Vine account

Vine account delete steps

Hello, Vine is out of service. It is no longer available. So you can't install Vine anymore.

The company's statement is as follows:

"Dear Vine Society - thank you for all the inspiration, laughter and loops. We have put Vine in an archived state. For more information, please visit "

Delete Viber account

Viber account delete steps

Viber Messenger

Viber is a free messenger application that allows you to connect with anyone in the world via internet connection.
With Viber messenger, you can send and receive messages to work, group, friends and family. Like other messaging applications. Now let's look at Viber's difference. See what other features?

Viber Messenger Features:

Delete Uber account

Uber account delete steps

Uber is a fast and reliable travel sharing application day and night.

Searching for a place to park without getting to worry was the way of reaching a place without the need to hold a taxi or bus on the way.
Taxi bus was born as a strong competitor even on all transport systems. Not yet competing with airlines :)

Delete Twoo account

Twoo account delete steps

Twoo - Meet New People

With this Belgium-made app it's easy to find new friends.

It offers the opportunity to meet millions of new people around the world.
He's chatting, helping make new friends.

Delete - Deactivate Twitter account

Twitter account delete steps *

News from Twitter!

Revolutionary news application of the new age. You can play the location by tweaking a Tweet. You can be a government override or ridicule. You will hear the scandals first from this application. The news becomes trend. The agenda captures you. You learn a lot. This app is really doing its job well. Every world needs a Twitter. It's worthy of a tribute. Good thing you have Twitter. Your place is irreplaceable!

Breaking news

Delete Tumblr account

Tumblr account delete steps

Tumblr is an application where you connect to other people through their interests.

 The subject can be anything. Women, men, food, philosophy, fashion, cats ...
In practice you can find someone with the same taste.

Some of the features of Tumblr:

Delete Telegram account

Telegram account delete steps

TELEGRAM instant messaging application.
It has more than 200 million active users. 2019.

A truly remarkable app. You can do many file transfers safely and easily. If you haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, download it and use it. You lose the most time. You can save a lot of time if it works. We would recommend.

Delete Tango account

Tango account delete steps

Tango Message, Audio & Video

It is a popular application that allows you to make free voice and video calls.

It is possible to send free text messages, photos, videos and even status. It is easy to meet friends and find friends from nearby and long distances. It works :)

Switch between profile cards to meet or join one of the leading calls. 400 million people are using Tango.

Features of the Tango application:

Delete Swarm Account

 Swarm Account Deletion Steps

Swarm - Foursquare
It is an application that helps you keep track of the places you go.

It helps you to know where you are in any city in the world without asking the name of the venue.

 With Swarm, you check in to remember every place you go.
You'il blow your friends. You'il make them jealous. You can show them how ambitious you are to go there before they go. :) Joke helps you to be the king of the spaces. You will be the guardian of the idea that many are not reading much.

Delete SnapChat account

SnapChat account delete steps

Snapchat was released as the most fun way to share the moment.
Take a Snap, add captions or fun effects, then send it to your best friends and have more fun.

SNAP: • Snapchat opens directly to the camera so you can share the moment.
• New selfie Lenses and Filters are added every day. Change your look, dance with 3D Bitmoji and even play games with your face.

Delete Smule account

Smule account delete steps

Smule - Song App

 It's for the music lovers. With this application you can even learn to sing. Smule can sing and music together with your friends and fans all over the world!

 It helps you to sing karaoke alone or in duet with people from all over the world.

Most people are afraid to sing in front of a group or group. So you can practice on your own with this app. When you trust yourself, it is very easy to share with other people.

Delete Skype account

Skype account delete steps

Skype - Free IM and search

Skype is a messaging application.
You make all * free * instant messages, voice or video calls.

You can use Skype to send SMS messages to mobile phones around the world.

Delete Scorp account

Scorp  account delete steps

Scorp - Watch Video
"The new favorite for young people Scorp is spreading pretty quickly!"
Milliyet - a newspaper in Turkey
Scorp is also popular in some countries, as the paper says.
Using 13 million and the number is increasing. There is a difference from other video platforms. So you should use Scorp. With this application where multiple issues are spoken, sports politics and especially women's men's relationships are spoken too. If you want to learn the ideas of people, this application is perfected.

Delete Pokemon Go account - PokémonGO

Pokemon Go  account delete steps

Pokémon GO

"Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game based on iOS and Android, developed by Niantic and released by The Pokémon Company." Wikipedia

Pokémon GO has been downloaded more than 850 million times

Delete POF account

 POF  account delete steps

POF Free Dating App

Totally free friend finding and messaging app.
If you're tired of paid dating sites and apps, try this app also. Send a message to get free messages for free.

- FREE advanced matching algorithm
- View your peers FREE! Last online, new users
- Most importantly, receiving and sending FREE and unlimited messages.

Delete Paytm account

 Paytm  account delete steps

Mobile Recharge, UPI, Bill Payment, Money Transfer

India's account and payment application with more than 300 million users!

Paytm features:

  #PaytmKaro mobile prepaid charger,
postpaid and invoice payments,
UPI payments and money transfer,
DTH charging,


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